Amelia and her gold medal- Baby Modern
Amelia and Miss Alex
Isabella Carter and her 2nd place medal- Baby Ballet
Miss Alex and Isabella Carter
Isabella Rock and Charlotte posing before their Ballet section.
Isabella Rock (3rd place) and Charlotte in A novice Ballet
Isabella Rock A novice Modern
Isabella Rock waiting to go on
Isabella Rock and Isabella Parr waiting to go on
Isabella Parr, Isabella Rock and Miss Alex showing off their 1st place trophy for Junior Duets
Anjali and Miss Alex, with Anjali's 2nd place medal- Baby Tap
Anjali with her Silver medal
Anjali waiting to go on for Baby Song & Dance
Anjali with her gold medal and Miss Alex
Isabella Parr and Clodagh with her bronze medal after A novice song and dance
Isabella Parr and Clodagh after A novice Song & Dance with Miss Alex
Some of the Part Of Your World Ballet group and Miss Alex with the 2nd place trophy we won- Junior groups
With our 2nd place group trophey.